Our Aircrafts


We only operate Boeing 787 aircraft.  This is one of the most modern, efficient aircraft types in the skies.

Our aircrafts contain several innovative technologies that make them more comfortable, environmentally friendly and quieter, including: 

  • A more comfortable cabin altitude, with purer air and better humidity 

  • The biggest windows on any jet aircraft, with personal dimmers, to suit your needs throughout the flight 

  • Cabin lighting consisting of modern LED lighting giving the feel of natural daylight making you rested and refreshed. 

  • CO2 emissions has been lowered by 25% compared to previous generation of aircraft in combination with a 50% reduction in noise. 

Our brand is inspired by the Oseberg longship in Oslo, a symbol of the long-lasting ingenuity of viking explorers. In the same spirit of exploration, we have named our own Boeing 787s after national parks worldwide. 

Nordic culture centres around the love for the outdoors and the freedom it represents. These places inspire us to explore our world.