Damaged Baggage


Please contact our baggage service agents at the airport if your baggage has sustained damage. They are located at the service desk in the baggage hall. This allows us to visually inspect and document the damage. You will be presented with a file reference number for the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) that we require to process your claim.

You can find the contact details for our baggage service agents on this link.

Baggage with cosmetic or minor damage like marks, ripped labels and dents that do not affect the structure of the bag will not be accepted as a claim. This is considered normal wear and tear related to the handling of the baggage during the flight and in transit at the airport.

We do not accept liability for the damage and/or loss of articles in the baggage of overpacked, unsuitably packed, unprotected, already damaged and/or not suitable as checked baggage.

Please contact baggage@flynorse.com within 7 days after receiving the bag if you want to submit a claim.