Delayed Baggage


Please contact our baggage services agents at the airport if you did not receive your baggage upon arrival. They are located at the service desk in the baggage hall. You will be presented with a file reference number when the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) has been created. The report will be made into our tracing system where an intensive search for your baggage will be initiated.

We will endeavour to relocate your delayed bag as soon as possible and send it to your registered address as we are aware this is a time sensitive matter. If we are unable to locate your baggage within 21 days, which is rare, you are entitled to make a claim for the bag and the content inside.

Our liability is, as with all other airline companies, limited by the Montreal Convention. For more information check out our conditions of carriage. We recommend you contact your travel insurance company for reimbursement of your immediate expenses, as our liability is limited.

Please contact if you want to submit a claim.