Flying with children and infants


At Norse, we understand that traveling with young children and infants can be a challenging experience. We strive to provide the necessary support and assistance to make your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Boarding Early

Families with young children will be able to board early. This will be called out, and those who require extra time may do so without prior notification. We want to ensure that families have enough time to settle down and prepare for their journey without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Bringing Strollers and Car Seats

When flying with infants under the age of two, you can bring both a stroller and car seat free of charge. Please inform our staff at check-in, and they will assist you with the necessary arrangements.

Seating Arrangements

We advise families to check-in early for their flight to ensure that they are seated together. It is also recommended to pre-select seats to guarantee that the family will be seated together.

Breastfeeding on Board

At Norse, we have no limits on breastfeeding onboard. We want to ensure that mothers feel comfortable and supported when nursing their babies. Our cabin crew will be happy to assist you with any requests or needs during your flight.

Baby Changing Facilities

There are baby changing facilities in the toilets onboard. If you encounter any issues, please check with the cabin crew for assistance.

Baby supplies

Please note that we do not provide nappies and baby wipes onboard. We recommend that families bring enough supplies to last for the duration of the flight. Please note that delays may happen and we advice our passengers travelling with children to take that into account.

Flying with young children may take longer than expected. We recommend that families show up early at the airport to ensure they have plenty of time to check-in, go through security, and get settled before boarding. We also recommend packing plenty of snacks and activities to keep children entertained during the flight.

At Norse, we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for families with young children!