Travelling while pregnant


If you are pregnant and in or after your 28th week of pregnancy, we will carry you in our aircraft only if you produce to us a medical report or letter that:

  • is signed by an appropriately qualified doctor or midwife

  • states your due date

  • confirms that your pregnancy is uncomplicated

  • advise us of the latest date up to which you are expected to be fit to travel.

You will require prior clearance from a medical facility acceptable to us for travel after the 35th week of pregnancy for flights exceeding 4 hours and, in any case, after the 36th week of pregnancy for any flight. If your pregnancy is complicated (such as twins or triplets), you will not be accepted for travel after the 32nd week of pregnancy.

When reserving seats some are restricted and not possible to be attended when traveling while pregnant. Check with your doctor if you have previously experienced issues during your pregnancy.  

Carriage of newborn infants is not permitted until at least 7 Days after birth, provided that it was birth without medical complications.