Travelling with a broken limb cast


In case the cast were created less than 48 hours prior to the flight you should have a split in the cast to allow for potential swelling. This must run along the entire length of the cast.  

You would have to buy an additional seat if you are unable to bend your leg at the knee joint. This is to elevate your leg to reduce swelling. The length of the cast determines the number of seats you require. 17” or 43 cm is the space you will get from one seat extra.  

With a lower limb in cast, waist or full leg plaster adults must purchase three seats in a row per flight.  

It might be enough with one, two or three seats for a child with lower limbs in cast. The size of the cast or leg determines the number of seats required.  

Please contact our Customer Service team to request special assistance at the airport or to book extra seats.