Travelling with a nut or other allergy


While doing our best to suit your needs, we are unable to guarantee an environment free of nuts and allergens on our aircrafts.  

Let us know prior to your flight if you suffer from any nut allergy. This can be done by requesting special assistance when booking.  

Ground crew and cabin crew will now be aware of your nut allergy.  

Please let the cabin manager know when boarding the aircraft. They will request other passengers to not eat nuts or nut products for the duration of the flight. Products containing nut traces will not be sold for that flight. However, this does not guarantee the flight to be completely nut or allergen free.  

Please ensure to carry your required medication if you have allergies requiring epinephrine (adrenaline) auto-injector. Inform cabin crew on boarding if this is the case.  

Families and friends are expected to help first in case of anaphylactic shock, but cabin crew is trained to recognize symptoms and how to give treatment. You are responsible to bring your own appropriate medication for your condition.