Travelling with a wheelchair


Wheelchairs is not entitled to a weight restriction. The wheelchair is however required to be able to pass through the cargo doors of the aircraft. The maximum size of the cargo door is 2.69 m wide and 1.70 m high. Please contact our Customer Support team if in doubt about your wheelchair.  

We will stow personal wheelchairs in the aircraft cargo hold. Removable items from the wheelchair like foot pedals and cushions is recommended to be brought in the cabin baggage or check-in baggage

Safety rules for electric wheelchairs

Three types of batteries for wheelchairs are mostly used: 

  • Wet-cell batteries – which are not allowed on our aircraft 

  • Gel batteries 

  • Dry-cell batteries, which also includes lithium batteries 

Chairs with lithium or dry-cell batteries need the battery attached to the wheelchair and in off position with the battery disengaged.  

You should be able to demonstrate to ground crew how to disengage the motor.  

Carriage of electric wheelchairs

Some electric wheelchairs or other mobility aids may require special handling and must then be handed to our ground crew at an earlier stage than at the door of the aircraft. In many cases you will be able to use your mobility device until reaching the door of the aircraft.  

To ensure that your mobility aid is suitable for carriage on your aircraft we require some extra information about the device. Please send an email to or contact our Customer Care team about your device:  

  • Reference number 

  • Flight details and date 

  • Passenger name 

  • Name of model and manufacturer 

  • Length, height and width (metric) 

  • Weight in kg 

  • Battery type in Watt/h 

  • To prevent the electric wheelchair or mobility aid from turning on during flight, details on how to inhibit the circuits and isolate the battery should be given.