Boarding the aircraft


At the airport, the boarding gate of your flight will be displayed at the departure board. Around 20 minutes before your departure the gate closes.  

Boarding will be commenced in groups. Customers with requested special assistance in advance will be able to board first. The following priority order is used:  

  • Customers requiring special assistance 

  • Premium boarding customers 

  • Priority boarding customers 

  • Families with children under 5 

  • Economy Plus and Classic customers  

  • All remaining customers 

To benefit from priority boarding or Premium please be present at the gate before boarding begins.  

Preboarding will be performed through the gate while aircraft is being prepared. This is to make sure we depart on time.  

We are going to do our best in boarding customers in the line of priority.

Boarding is usually done using the front doors of the aircraft. Please follow signs when at the gate and instructions from ground crew.      

We do our best to ensure that customers get on board the aircraft in order of priority. We are however not able to guarantee that the priority order is kept through the boarding procedure due to check-in procedures and transportation to the aircraft.