What medication and equipment you can bring on board?


To bring medicine on board a doctor`s certificate must be provided. This must be confirming the type of medication and the usage. With a doctor`s certificate you will be able to bring liquid medicine more than 100 ml through the security.  

On board we are unable to store medicine refrigerated.  

You will be able to bring most walking frames and crutches on board. You will get these back after landing and is stored by cabin crew during the flight. If we have available space, we can store walking crutches on board. In the case of no available space on board we will store it in the cargo hold and you will get it back after landing.  

Portable medical devices no larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm can be brought on-board. This can be carried in addition to the cabin baggage allowance. If the equipment is bigger than the described limitation you will have to leave it in the cargo hold.