Infant, child, or adult?



7 days* – 2 years old**

  • We are unable to let infants fly alone.  

  • Any infant under 7 days old will not be able to travel.  

*Carriage of newborn infants is not permitted until at least 7 Days after birth, provided that it was birth without medical complications. For any complicated or premature birth, prior clearance from our medical department is required.

**If your child is two years or older, you will have to book them a separate seat. 


7 days - 15 years old

  • Cannot travel alone.

  • Must be accompanied by an adult. (18+)

Young Adult


  • Can travel alone,

  • Cannot accompany children or people with disabilities.



  • Can accompany children and people with disabilities.  

Please note that these may be different from other airlines.