Seating your family


To ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for families with children and infants, please inform us of the number of children and infants traveling with you and their ages during the booking process.

If you have not purchased seat reservations, please check-in as early as possible to increase the chances of being seated together. Check-in opens 24 hours prior to the flight, and we recommend doing so as early as possible. While we make every effort to seat families together, we cannot guarantee it if you check-in late. In such cases, we will ensure that children under 12 years old are seated close to an adult on the same booking. Please note that this may result in a slight delay for you and others.

If you are traveling with an infant, you can choose to seat them on your lap for an additional fee. During take-off and landing, we recommend that the infant is seated facing forward or in a cradle position. For every row of three seats, only one infant is allowed, and seats can be purchased for infants for additional comfort. Please note that only one adult can accompany one infant.

During take-off, landing, and when seatbelts are on, infants can be secured in any of the following ways: on the lap of the parent/guardian using an extension seat belt or in a seat adjacent to the parent/guardian. Please note that for safety reasons, only one infant is allowed per row of three seats, and restricted seats cannot be occupied by passengers traveling with infants.

We do not have designated family seating areas on our aircraft. Passengers are free to purchase any available seat of their preference.

Do not hesitate to contact Norse Customer Care on social media or should there be any questions!