Checked baggage


Depending on your fare you might have checked luggage included. If not, you will have the option to pay an optional fee. You will not be able to order special baggage as checked baggage. This must be done by paying the appropriate fees. 

For additional baggage costs check our service fees.  

Checked baggage types: 




Up to 15 kg/33 lbs

Up to 23 kg/ 50 lbs

Up to 32 kg/ 70 lbs

Checked baggage by fare bundle type: 

Economy Light

Economy Classic

Economy Flextra

Premium Light

Premium Classic

Premium Flextra

No checked bags included

1 standard checked bag 23kg / 50lbs 

1 standard checked bag 23kg / 50lbs 

No checked bags included

1 standard checked bag 23kg / 50lbs 

2 standard checked bag 23kg / 50lbs 

Checked bags overnight and deadline:

Please note that if you arrive at the airport the day before your flight, you will not be able to check-in your bags for the following day. Additionally, please be aware that the cut-off time for checking in your baggage is 1 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.

Checked bags at Oslo Airport:

To drop off your checked bags at Oslo airport, first check in online and then print your bag tag at the airport kiosks before proceeding to the check-in desk. However, if you have not checked in or need to purchase checked baggage, you will not be able to use the airport kiosks at Oslo airport. For all other airports, if you have checked in online, you can drop off your bags at the bag drop desks where they will be tagged and checked in.


  • Check the size and weight of your bags prior to your trip.  

  • We do not refund baggage charges and cannot be transferred to other customers.  

  • No bag may be heavier than 32kg / 70 lbs or lighter than 2 kg / 4 lbs 

  • You are not able to check in more than 9 pieces of baggage.  

  • Shared baggage allowance is allowed on same booking only.  

  • Baggage being outside the standard checked baggage policy will be considered as bulky baggage and additional charges will be given. Standard baggage dimensions are 158cm / 62in (height + width + length).  

  • The bag must not be bigger than 250 x 79 x 112 cm / 98 x 31 x 44 in (L x H x W). Maximum circumference of the bag must not exceed 320 cm/ 126 in (L+W+H). Pre-notification will not be required for any items of bulky baggage or sporting equipment not exceeding total dimensions 250 cm/ 98 in (L+W+H). For items exceeding total dimensions 250 cm/ 98 in (L+W+H), the passenger will need to contact the Customer Care Team no more than 48 hours in advance for acceptance.